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Accessibility Lifts: 6 Factors To Consider Before You Choose One

Accessibility lifts provide a range of services to individuals with physical disabilities. They offer solutions for accessing different parts of the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages. These lifts come in many forms, including vertical platform lifts, stairlifts, and through-floor lifts, each designed to fulfill specific needs. Understanding the types of lifts available can make choosing the best one for your needs easy.


Stairlifts are a common type of accessibility lift that can be used to move people up and down stairs without the need to climb. These lifts provide a safe and comfortable ride, with adjustable armrests and seatbelts for added comfort and security. Most stairlifts have safety features such as sensors that stop the lift if it detects anything in its path. Stairlifts are ideal for people who have difficulty climbing stairs or those who want to be able to navigate their homes safely.

Straight Stairlifts

These lifts are installed on straight staircases and carry the user on a chair attached to a rail. This is the most common lift type and can be installed to your specifications in terms of size, weight capacity, and speed. They are typically powered by electricity from a wall outlet or battery and feature safety features such as emergency stop buttons.

Curved Stairlifts

These lifts are designed for curved or winding staircases and are custom-made to fit the specific shape of the stairs. They are a great solution to the difficulties of navigating stairs with limited mobility. Curved stairlifts can be easily operated and offer a comfortable ride, allowing users to move around their homes more safely and independently. The installation time is typically longer than straight stairlifts, but they provide greater flexibility when maneuvering tight spaces.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are an ideal solution for those who face difficulty accessing different levels of their home due to limited mobility. Platform lifts can be installed on indoor and outdoor staircases, providing a safe way to move between floors. They have safety features such as emergency stop buttons and sensors that detect obstacles. They can also be equipped with weatherproofing to make them suitable for outdoor use.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are a popular choice for those requiring easy access between levels. They are typically mounted on the wall or floor and utilize a platform that rises up or down, allowing users to move easily from level to level. Some vertical platform lifts can even add a folding ramp for additional accessibility. Vertical platform lifts are great for smaller spaces, as they take up less room than other types of lifts.

Inclined Platform Lifts

These lifts are designed for staircases that are too steep for a traditional straight or curved stairlift, and they carry the user and their mobility device up and down the stairs on a platform. This lift type is ideal for homes with limited space since it requires less room to operate than a traditional straight or curved stairlift. The inclined platform lift also offers greater flexibility and maneuverability, allowing users to go up and down the stairs in different directions.


Home Elevators

These fully enclosed lifts travel vertically between multiple levels of a home, providing a more spacious and comfortable mode of transportation for those with mobility issues. Home elevators typically come in various sizes and designs, with features such as automatic doors, emergency power systems, adjustable speed control, and lighting. These lifts are also designed to be low-maintenance and require minimal upkeep. Additionally, they can add value to a home by increasing its accessibility.

Each of these home accessibility lifts has unique features and benefits that can meet the needs of different users and home configurations. Working with a qualified and experienced lift provider is essential to determine the most suitable lift for your needs and home layout.

Six Factors to Consider for Choosing a Suitable Accessibility Lift

Selecting the right home accessibility lift is an important decision that requires careful consideration of several factors. Keep these key considerations in mind when selecting a home accessibility lift:

  1. Type of lift: There are different types of home accessibility lifts available, each with its unique features and benefits. Consider your mobility needs and the layout of your home to determine which type of lift is best for you.
  2. Safety features: Look for lifts with safety features such as seat belts, safety sensors, and emergency stop buttons. These features ensure the safety of the user and help prevent accidents.
  3. Weight capacity: Make sure to choose a lift with a weight capacity that can accommodate your weight and any mobility devices you use.
  4. Installation requirements: Some lifts may require more extensive installation and modifications to your home than others. Consider the installation requirements and ensure you have the necessary space and infrastructure to accommodate the lift.
  5. Maintenance requirements: Lifts require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to function safely and effectively. Consider the maintenance requirements of the lift you choose and ensure that you can meet them.
  6. Price: Lifts can vary significantly in price, so it is essential to consider your budget and choose a lift that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Working with a qualified and experienced lift provider can also help you choose the most suitable home accessibility lift. They can provide expert advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision and ensure the lift is installed and maintained correctly.

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