Ceiling Lifts Installation

Ceiling lifts are vital for those with mobility issues, providing a safe and easy way to move around. They’re essential in homes and healthcare settings, helping everyone from patients to caregivers. These lifts make independence and daily tasks more manageable.

At Safe Home Pro, we specialize in top-notch ceiling lifts. Our products are designed with safety and ease in mind, aiming to improve the quality of life. If you’re looking for reliable lifting solutions, call us at 704-412-4025. Let’s make your space more accessible together.

What are Ceiling Lifts?

Ceiling lifts are smart tools that help move people around inside their homes or in places like hospitals. They’re put up on the ceiling and work with a motor that gently carries someone from one spot to another. For example, it can help someone get from their bed into a wheelchair or into a bath. This makes things a lot easier not just for the person using the lift but also for those taking care of them, as it lessens the need for heavy lifting.


These lifts come with great features to make sure they’re safe and easy to use. They have buttons to control the speed, a quick stop button for emergencies, and simple controls that anyone can use. Ceiling lifts are a great choice for making life easier and safer for people who find moving around tough, whether they’re at home or in a healthcare facility.

Our Range of Ceiling Lifts

At Safe Home Pro, we’ve got a variety of ceiling lifts ready to help with different needs. Whether it’s for your home or a care setting, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out what we offer:

  • Portable Ceiling Lifts

These lifts are super handy if you need something that can move around with you. They’re easy to carry from one room to another, making them perfect for short-term needs or if you’re looking after someone in different parts of the house. Despite being lightweight, they’re really strong and can handle the job without needing to be fixed in one spot.

  • Fixed Ceiling Lifts

If you’re looking for a lift that stays in one place, our fixed lifts are the way to go. They’re bolted right into the ceiling, making them super stable and ready for regular use. Great for helping with daily routines, like getting in and out of bed or the bathroom, these lifts are built to last and can lift a lot without any trouble.

  • Bariatric Ceiling Lifts

These lifts are built extra strong to support more weight, making sure everyone has access to a safe and comfortable lift when they need it. They’re designed to be comfortable and secure, so everyone can use them with confidence, knowing they’re in good hands. It’s all about making sure safety and comfort come first, no matter what.

What Makes Our Ceiling Lifts Stand Out

When it comes to improving mobility within your home or healthcare facility, our Lifts are a game-changer. Let’s dive into the key features and benefits that make our lifts stand out:

Portable Ceiling Lifts

Safety is our top priority. Our ceiling lifts are designed with advanced safety features, such as emergency stopping, gentle starts and stops to prevent sudden jolts, and built-in safety limits to ensure transfers are smooth and secure every time.

Ease of Use

We believe in making life easier. That’s why our lifts come with user-friendly controls that both caregivers and users can operate effortlessly. This ease of use promotes greater independence and confidence in mobility tasks.

Customizable Options

Your needs are unique, and so should be your mobility solution. Our ceiling lifts offer a variety of customizable options, including different track configurations to fit the layout of your space, and a range of lifting capacities to accommodate various user needs. This customization ensures the lift you choose fits perfectly into your life.

Professional Installation

Installing a ceiling lift is a task for professionals, and our team has the expertise to do it right. We handle the entire installation process, from initial assessment to final testing, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. This ensures your lift is installed seamlessly and is ready to use without any hassle.

Why Choose Us for Your Ceiling Lift Needs?

Finding the right ceiling lift can make a big difference in your life. We’re all about giving you the best solutions that fit just what you need. Here’s why we stand out:

Years of Expertise

We’ve been in this line of work since 2010. More than a decade of experience has enabled us to make places safer and more accessible for folks everywhere.

Tailored Solutions

We get it—everyone’s different. That’s why we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We’ll chat with you, figure out exactly what you need, and set you up with a ceiling lift that’s just right, making sure you’ve got the freedom to move how you want.

Licensed and Credible

When it comes to trust, we’re the real deal. Having a general contractor’s license isn’t just a piece of paper to us—it’s a promise that we’re all about quality and safety, no matter the project.


Ready to Enhance Your Mobility?

We’re here to transform your living space with professional ceiling lift installations. Contact us today for expert ceiling lifts installation today!

FAQs for Our Ceiling Lifts

A ceiling lift is a device installed on the ceiling to help move people from one place to another, like from a bed to a wheelchair. It’s great for folks who need extra help moving around.

Ceiling lifts use a motor that runs along a track installed in the ceiling. Someone is securely attached to a sling, which the lift moves smoothly along the track to the desired location.

Absolutely! Safety is a top priority for us. Our ceiling lifts come with several safety features, like emergency stop buttons and speed control, to make sure everyone stays safe while using them.

Yes, in most cases. We offer different types of lifts, including portable and fixed options, to fit various spaces and needs. Our team will help figure out the best solution for your home.

We have portable, fixed, and bariatric ceiling lifts. Portable lifts can be moved around, fixed lifts are permanently installed, and bariatric lifts are designed for higher weight capacities.

Consider the user’s mobility needs, the layout of your space, and how often the lift will be used. Our team can help assess your situation and recommend the best lift for you.

Many of our lifts are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing individuals to operate them independently. However, the level of assistance needed can vary based on the individual’s ability.

The cost varies depending on the type of lift and installation requirements. We offer financing options and can waive sales tax with a prescription to make it more affordable.

Installation time can vary based on the type of lift and the complexity of your space. Portable lifts can be set up quickly, while fixed lifts require a more detailed installation process.

Ceiling lifts need regular checks to ensure they’re working smoothly. This includes checking the battery, the track, and the sling. We provide guidance on maintenance and are here to help with any service needs.