Tub Cuts

Everyone deserves a showering experience that combines safety, convenience, and a touch of magic.

Say goodbye to the hazards of stepping into a high-sided tub and welcome a world where showering becomes a breeze. Install tub cuts from Safe Home Pro to meet the changing mobility needs of individuals, whether in personal homes or retirement residences. With the lowered step created by tub cuts, the once-daunting task of entering and exiting the tub becomes effortless.

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Why Choose Tub Cuts from Safe Home Pro?

With this ingenious conversion, your bathroom space becomes safe and accessible, tailored to your unique needs. Whether aging gracefully or supporting a loved one with mobility challenges, tub cuts offer peace of mind and the freedom to bathe confidently. Continue reading to discover why Safe Home Pro is ideal for installing tub cuts.

  • Enhanced Safety and Accessibility: Tub cuts from Safe Home Pro are designed to prioritize your safety and accessibility. The lowered step created by the tub cut eliminates the need to step over high tub walls, making entering and exiting the tub effortless. You can bathe with confidence, knowing that your bathroom space has been transformed into a haven of safety and convenience.
  • Customization for Your Unique Needs: Every individual has unique requirements. That’s why our tub cuts can be tailored to accommodate your specific mobility needs and preferences. Whether you require a wider opening, a more symbolic threshold, or additional features, our team will work closely with you to create a customized solution that meets your requirements.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish: Our tub cuts enhance functionality and elevate your bathroom’s visual appeal. After the tub cut is completed, the tub walls are beautifully refinished, creating a seamless and elegant doorway in the sidewall of the tub. This attention to detail ensures that your bathroom retains its aesthetic charm while becoming more accessible.
  • Versatile for Various Living Environments: Tub cuts suit personal homes and retirement residences. Whether you’re looking to improve accessibility in your own space or provide enhanced mobility options for aging loved ones, our tub cuts are designed to meet the changing mobility needs of individuals in various living environments.
  • Expertise and Precision: Our skilled contractors have extensive tub-cut expertise. With precision and attention to detail, they carefully remove a section from the tub wall and seamlessly refinish the tub walls, creating a secure and elegant doorway. You can trust our team to deliver a flawless installation that meets your needs.


A: Yes, tub cuts can be customized to accommodate specific needs. Our team can tailor the cut’s width, length, and other aspects to ensure it meets your unique requirements.

A: No, tub cuts do not compromise the integrity of the tub. The cutting and refinishing process is done professionally to maintain structural integrity and ensure a secure bathing environment.

A: Tub cuts are a permanent modification but can be refinished if desired. However, reversing the cut may require additional renovation and is best discussed with our team of experts.