Truck Bed Mounted Lifts

Truck Bed Mounted Lifts

Truck-bed mounted lifts are an innovative solution for people with mobility challenges who use wheelchairs or scooters and must transport their mobility devices on a pickup truck. These lifts are installed in the truck’s bed and can lift and secure various mobility devices of varying weights and sizes.

Truck bed-mounted lifts can be operated manually or with remote controls and come in different types, including platform lifts and hoist lifts.

Safe Home Pro offers truck-bed mounted lifts for individuals with mobility challenges to regain independence while accessing their vehicles. These lifts require minimal effort to operate, making them incredibly easy to use. The lift uses a hydraulic system to raise the user onto the truck bed, allowing them to enter and exit safely and securely.

The platform is designed to stay level and can be operated with a hand-held controller. There is also an optional remote control that allows the lift to be operated from outside the truck.

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