Manual Wheelchair Lifts


Manual wheelchair lifts are an affordable and convenient solution for people with mobility challenges who use manual wheelchairs to move around. These lifts transfer manual wheelchairs from the ground to a vehicle, such as a car or a van, and vice versa.

Manual wheelchairs come in different types, including platform lifts and hoist lifts. They offer a safe and secure way to transport manual wheelchairs, allowing people with mobility challenges to travel more easily. Our wheelchair lifts are designed for convenience and flexibility, with a lightweight construction that’s simple to install on any vehicle.

Safe Home Pro offers manual wheelchair lifts designed for convenience and comfort, allowing you to transport your chair up and down easily. The lift is lightweight, making it easy to install and operate. Not only is it adjustable, but you can also customize the seat height to suit your individual needs.

The lift is operated with a manual crank, so you don’t require extra electrical wiring. It also features a safety guard rail that can be adjusted to the desired height for added security and stability.

At Safe Home Pro, Inc., we put our customers first. We take great care in providing quality products with superior customer service and support.

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