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Cornelius, NC, is a place of beauty and community. For those who find moving around their home challenging, whether due to age or mobility issues, there’s a clear need for solutions that make living easier and safer.

At Safe Home Pro, we’re here to help. We offer everything from stairlifts and grab bars to door widening services in Cornelius. If you’re looking to improve your home’s accessibility, get in touch with us. Let’s make your space comfortable and accessible for you.

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    Our Home Accessibility Services in Cornelius

    We’re here to make your home and car more accessible, with a variety of services designed for everyone’s needs in Cornelius, NC. Here’s a detailed look at what we offer:

    For Homes


    • Stairlifts
      Glide between floors easily with our stairlifts, saying goodbye to stairway worries.


    • Vertical Platform Lifts
      Wheelchair users can easily overcome height challenges in and around the home with these lifts, offering greater freedom.


    • Patient Lifts
      Our patient lifts are a big help for caregivers, making it safe and easy to move loved ones with limited mobility.


    • Bathroom Safety
      Turn your bathroom into a safe spot with our range of safety upgrades like grab bars and walk-in tubs, giving you peace of mind.


    • Door Widenings
      We make doorways wider so wheelchair and scooter users can move freely from room to room.

    For Automotive


    • Manual Wheelchair Lifts & Wheelchair Carriers and Micro Lifts
      Easy to use and reliable, these options make transporting wheelchairs a breeze.


    • Scooter Lifts & Hitch Mounted Lifts
      Take your mobility scooter on the road safely with our sturdy lifts.


    • Interior Mounted Lifts & Truck Bed Mounted Lifts
      Customize your vehicle’s space for better utility with our lift solutions, fitting exactly what you need.


    • Mobile Trailer
      For on-the-go accessibility, our mobile trailer is perfect, keeping your mobility aids handy.


    • Automotive Swivel Seats
      Get in and out of your car with ease thanks to our comfortable and accessible swivel seats.



    • Portable Ramps
      Our portable ramps are great for short-term needs, making any space accessible while you’re on the move.
    • Threshold Ramps
      Smoothly transition over small steps and doorways with these ramps, designed for easy access.


    • Modular Ramps
      Looking for a permanent solution? Our modular ramps are custom-built for your home, offering a safe and steady way in.

    Our Home Accessibility Services in Cornelius


    Get in Touch

    Start by contacting us in any way you prefer—call, email, or use our online form. We’ll arrange a chat to discuss what you’re looking for in terms of making your home easier to navigate. This conversation is our chance to really understand your needs.


    Home Visit

    We’ll come to your place for a detailed look. Our expert will check out your living space and suggest the best ways to make it more accessible, keeping in mind everything from the layout of your home to your personal mobility needs. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.


    Planning Your Custom Solution

    After we know what you need, we’ll put together a plan just for you. It’ll show what changes we think will help the most, all while considering your budget. We’ll go over this plan with you, tweak it if needed, and make sure you’re happy with it.


    Making It Happen

    With your OK, our team starts the installation. They’re experts at what they do, so they’ll be quick and careful, making sure everything is done right without getting in your way too much.

    Why Choose Us?

    Finding the right handicap accessibility solution can make a big difference in your life. We’re all about giving you the best solutions that fit just what you need. Here’s why we stand out:

    • Years of Expertise
      We’ve been in this line of work since 2010. More than a decade of experience has enabled us to make places safer and more accessible for folks everywhere.
    • Tailored Solutions
      We get it—everyone’s different. That’s why we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We’ll chat with you, figure out exactly what you need, and set you up with a solution that’s just right, making sure you’ve got the freedom to move how you want.
    • Licensed and Credible
      When it comes to trust, we’re the real deal. Having a general contractor’s license isn’t just a piece of paper to us—it’s a promise that we’re all about quality and safety, no matter the project.

    Our Cornelius, NC Service Area FAQs

    Yes, we offer free consultations to Cornelius residents. During this visit, we’ll assess your home’s needs and discuss the best accessibility solutions for you.

    Most installations, like grab bars or stairlifts, can be completed within a day. Larger projects might take longer, but we always aim to minimize disruption.

    Absolutely! We tailor our solutions to fit homes and apartments of all sizes, ensuring every space in Cornelius can be made more accessible.

    We strive to make our services affordable and offer financing options to help. We can also advise on potential grants or assistance programs in Cornelius.

    Our local presence, combined with our expertise and commitment to personalized service, sets us apart. We understand Cornelius and its residents’ unique needs.

    Yes, all our products and installations come with warranties for your peace of mind. We stand behind the quality of our work.

    We typically start projects within a few weeks of the initial consultation, depending on the scope and our current schedule.

    No, we offer both indoor and outdoor solutions, including ramps and lifts, to ensure complete accessibility around your Cornelius home.

    For consultations, just having an idea of your needs and any questions is great. For installations, we’ll provide specific guidance based on the project.

    Cornelius residents can call us at 704-412-4025 or email We’re here to help make your home more accessible.