What Option Best Fits Your Needs

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What Options Work Best for You?

When it comes to making your home more accessible, there are a variety of options available to make it easier to maneuver around entryways, in and out of your home and even to your car. Our number one goal at Safe Home Pro is to give you back your independence in your own home that you love; whether that is setting a portable ramp at your front door or a Stair Lift that gives you access to all levels of your home! We want to help you get exactly what you need to improve the quality of your life and happiness. That is our end goal. Not only do we have an amazing group of employees but they are also highly trained and certified in North and South Carolina. We stand behind our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We can’t wait to provide excellent service for you or a loved one!

Portable Ramps


Portable Ramps are a great solution for a temporary obstacle. These ramps may also be referred to as Suitcase Ramps or Lightweight Ramps. They come in many different styles and lengths, from 2 feet long to 10 feet long and can fold in multiple ways depending on the type you want. Most of them have a weight capacity between 600-800 lbs and are very easy to transport.
Since these do not require any professional installation, they are easy to pick up and take on the go, as well as storing them when not in use. These portable ramps can be purchased or rented. These ramps are a great choice for the holidays when traveling or harsh weather conditions occur.
They are skid resistant and made of durable, lightweight aluminum that will not corrode from outside weather conditions.


ADA Guidelines state that for every inch of height you have, you need one foot of ramp. Many times portable ramps are not long enough for the amount of height an individual might actually have. While the guidelines are not strict requirements for residential use, it is best to remain close to these regulations to ensure that the ramp is safe and secure when using a mobility device on it. This means that portable ramps are only safe for use on 1-2 steps, depending on the exact height of each step.
Portable ramps are typically only about 30″ wide, which is narrower than or the exact width of some power wheelchairs. If your guest will be using a power mobility device, be sure to measure the width to ensure that it will fit on the ramp with a safe margin for error before considering a portable ramp.
Most portable ramps do not have handrails. If the user is unsteady or requires railings for additional support, a modular ramp may be a better option.

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Modular Ramps


Modular Ramps are the perfect accessibility option for residential settings when you are looking for something sturdier and more permanent than a portable ramp, but still easy to take apart if need be. These modular access systems are made of high-strength aluminum sections that can be assembled to fit your specific lengths and configurations.
There are many advantages to having a modular aluminum ramp compared to wooden ramps. They are virtually maintenance free. Because of the durable materials used to fabricate these ramps they will not rust or corrode due to weather and environmental conditions.
All of our ramps meet ADA Regulations, they are made to accommodate mostly all mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Our Modular Ramps can be designed to meet ADA Guidelines for both Residential and Commercial locations. Because these ramps are easy to assemble and require no construction or poured footers, they will not affect the value of your property. They do not alter or add to the structure of the residence.
Our ramps are a standard width of 36″, and have a weight capacity of 850 lbs. Each ramp also has sturdy handrails on both sides for added safety. The surface is a grooved aluminum, which maintains traction, even in rain or other inclement weather.
Modular Ramps can typically be assembled or removed in less than two hours, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a “construction zone” at your home during the already stressful holiday season.


Many don’t realize how much ramp they actually need for their specific height of steps. To meet ADA Guidelines, you will need a foot of ramp for every inch of height to be safe and secure. For example, if you have 5 steps that are each 6 inches tall, you will need 30 feet of ramp to be ADA Compliant. For this reason, there needs to be enough room extending from the steps to use a modular ramp that long.
Because these are assembled to fit your specific needs, a free In-Home Assessment is almost always required to see what length of ramp you will need, what the foundation looks like (elevation, rocks, grass, trees, bushes, steps, amount of yard you have), we will take pictures, sketch a drawing of what the ramp will look like, and then finally quote your price for the Modular Ramp.
These Modular Ramps may be rented but because of the time it takes to do the assessment, installation and removal, we do require a one-month minimum rental period. It is best to call in advance if you are needing to rent a ramp, these cannot be installed same day. Call one of our team members to get pricing for ramp rentals!


Outdoor Stairlifts


Outdoor Stairlifts make accessing all parts of your home, including the yard and porch an easy, stress free process. These stairlifts are manufactured to withstand nearly all weather conditions. This chair is water resistant, upholstered with marine-grade vinyl, and painted with strong outdoor paint for maximum durability against all elements.
An outdoor Stair Lift is a great alternative to a ramp. These are specifically for individuals who are still semi-mobile but have difficulties getting up and down steps. It can be especially dangerous in the winter months when steps may become slippery. All of our outdoor stairlifts will come with a seat cover, this ensures a dry and safe ride in all weather conditions.
Stairlifts are easy to operate with just the push of a button on either arm rest or on the remote control provided. To ensure safety, the user is also provided with a seat-belt and arm rests.
Because power outages CAN happen, we only use a specific type of stair lift with a backup battery pack to ensure the unit will run for a fixed period of time off of its own charge. Because of this, the stair lift does not require a standard wall outlet or other special power source.


An individual must be semi-mobile to use a stair lift.
To operate the stair lift, one must be able to push a button, fasten the seat-belt, and be able to fold the stair lift when not in use.
StairLifts cannot carry a mobility device down the stairway including walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, canes.
Stairlifts must be installed by a certified technician; these cannot be installed on your own. We also do not recommend trying to uninstall and reinstall on your own if you are replacing flooring or moving into a different home. Please contact us and we will uninstall and reinstall this for you.
If you are planning to move into a different home and want to take your current stair lift with you, you will need a newly designed stair lift or alterations will need to be made to the existing stair lift. These are designed to fit your specific stairway and may not work with your new stairway.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are unsure which option best fits your needs, don’t worry! Our team is here as a resource for you. We are always happy to help!