Wheelchair Carriers and Micro Lifts

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Wheelchair carriers and Micro lifts are mobility devices that help individuals with physical disabilities transport their wheelchairs or scooters easily and conveniently. These devices are particularly useful for those who face difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle.

Safe Home Pro, Inc. provides a variety of wheelchair carriers and Micro lifts with less than 200 lbs. carrying capacity to fit the needs of individuals using wheelchairs. These accessible solutions are ideal for those who require an easier way to transport their mobility devices between vehicles, in and around the home, or up and down stairs.

The lightweight and durable carriers feature adjustable loading ramps that make transferring from the chair to the carrier easier. Micro lifts allow individuals to remain in their powered wheelchairs and be safely lifted to staircases or into vehicles. They have a maximum carrying capacity of 200 lbs.

Both products are designed for easy installation and comfortable use; they come with all mounting hardware, cords, and safety switches that prevent the lift from running unless fully loaded.

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