Power Chair Lifts & Scooter Lifts


Vehicle lifts, power chair lifts, and scooter lifts are specialized devices designed to assist individuals with physical disabilities in transporting their mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters. These lifts can be installed on various vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks.

Safe Home Pro, Inc. offers Vehicle Lifts, Power Chair Lifts & Scooter Lifts with a carrying capacity of 300 lbs. – 400 lbs. for people with mobility challenges who want to travel in the comfort of their vehicle and independently access their home or other destinations.

Our lifts are designed to install quickly and easily, giving you the confidence to move about freely. They are electro-mechanical, making loading and unloading of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, ramps, etc., simple for users.

These lifts boast various features to ensure safe, secure, and efficient transport. An adjustable frame accommodates a variety of vehicles, including vans, SUVs, mini-vans, cars, and trucks. The lift arms are also adjustable to attach your mobility device to the platform securely. An anti-slip surface on the lifting platform prevents slipping during loading and unloading.

Our lifts have a weight capacity of 300 – 400 lbs., making them strong and dependable enough to accommodate most mobility devices.

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