Automotive Swivel Seats

Automotive Swivel Seats

Swivel seats provide a unique solution for people with mobility challenges who face difficulties getting in and out of their cars. Swivel seats rotate up to 90 degrees, making it easier for those with limited flexibility or strength to enter and exit their vehicles. The swivel technology is also helpful for caregivers, who can help position the user safely and efficiently. These seats are lightweight and don’t burden a vehicle’s suspension or cargo area.

Safe Home Pro, Inc.’s automotive swivel seats make getting in and out of vehicles easier for people with mobility challenges. Our seats are designed to rotate, allowing the user to remain seated while they turn towards the vehicle door. This reduces strain on the back, neck, and shoulder muscles and minimizes any risk of falling or slipping.

The seat also enables a smooth transfer from the vehicle to the wheelchair or walker. Additionally, our swivel seats can be adjusted to accommodate drivers of various builds and are available in a range of models that cater to specific needs.

Users can enjoy safe, stress-free vehicle access with our automotive swivel seats.

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